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Here Is What Researchers Saw In Clear Photograph Of The Solar System.

Day in day out, technology is significantly advancing and improving. Each and every day there are millions and millions of inventions due to the advanced technology. This makes our life very simple because machines are very fast, accurate and they can work for many hours without getting tired or bored. Scientists are tirelessly finding out how the solar system works. We have very powerful machines like telescope among others that have the ability of taking very clear photos of objects in outer space.

Scientists have been working without giving up and now they have managed to capture very clear photos of the sun using the Daniels K.Inouye solar telescope located in Hawaii.

Looking at the above photo you can recognize that the color in the outer parts the sun is yellow-brown.

The researcher investigated more and more about those photos and at long last they came up with a conclusion that the atmosphere around the sun is hotter than the surface.

They also noticed that the atmosphere consists of particles of plasma gas roaming around the sun. These plasma gas particles react against each other to produce a lot of heat energy. For this reason the surroundings of the sun are hotter compared to the surface of the sun.

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