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Meet Only Animal in Earth With The Longest Pregnancy Period

The gestation period is the time frame in which a mammalian embryo develops from the moment of conception until birth. It's true that different animals have different average life spans for this factor. Baby's birth weight and developmental stage are strongly connected with the length of the pregnancy, which may be longer or shorter than lactation. It was formerly thought that the elephant was the only creature capable of a 23-month pregnancy. The longest gestation time in the animal kingdom is 42 months, and it is experienced by the Anguineus (Frilled Sharks), a mammal that looks like a snake but is not an elephant. 

The frilled shark prefers the total darkness of the ocean floor, which is why you'll only find them down there (at least 1,000 meters). They look like the teeth of a ragged dinosaur. Strange appearance, that monster possesses. Many people consider frilled sharks to be living fossils due to the fact that they have altered very little over millions of years. 

Studies suggest that the frilled shark, found off the shores of Chile and South Africa, may have a gestation period of up to 42 months. A few unusual properties of the frilled shark set it different from other fish. It may store oxygen in a sac-like structure under its head. This fish, unlike many others, can take in oxygen from the water, allowing it to thrive even at great depths. 

The frilled shark has a unique method of reproduction, giving birth exclusively to fully developed, self-sufficient offspring. As frilled sharks don't bond with their offspring via the placenta, the embryos may develop normally by consuming their yolk sacs. Their offspring need a lot of blubber to stay alive. Since it is born with a significant amount of fat and a slower metabolic rate, the baby has an extended gestation time. 

Frilled sharks have long and prosperous lives. The average age of death is 25 years old. These sharks are among the slowest swimmers in the ocean. Except mating, frilled sharks live their lives in isolation. This is just an estimate based on the specimens that were acquired due to the difficulties of following Frilled Sharks over extended periods of time.


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