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What's the Significance of the Cylindrical Bulge on Laptop Charger?

We are presently living in world where battery chargers have become so important part of people's everyday life,both privately and professionally.Its not just important having a battery charger,buts it is even more important to have the right battery charger.Further more,power is the backbone of any electronic system and the power supply is what feeds the system to function effectively.

Most chargers are straight they don't have any bulges on the cable but there are some chargers which have a bulge at the connecting end of the chord.Mostly these chargers belong to laptops,printers and some digital cameras.

Also they can be found on power supply wires on devices that use external transformers.

What is their purpose?

Fore most that bulge is known as ferrite beads/ferrite chokes(ferrites are materials with high magnetic permeability capable of absorbing energy from other devices around).

Inside the ferrite beads,it contains a magnetic material made from iron oxide which prevents the long chord from potentially transmitting and receiving radio waves.

In simple terms,we all know that an electrical current passes through a charging cable inorder to power up any device battery.Due to this electric current in the cable,it creates a radio energy within itself and emits it in the form of waves outside the cable.This phenomenon is similar to how an antenna works(converting an electrical power into radio energy and vice versa).Just like an antenna,this chord transmits and recieves signals to or from the surrounding devices like tv, WiFi, with the same capability.Due to this,electric power gets used in unnecessary function and hinders charging the laptop.

In addition,these signals can interfere with other electronic devices resulting in noisy signals such as a nearby radio gives distorted voice or does not tune upto a channel.

This is why a ferrite beads are inserted to a charger.It has the capability of blocking the emission of radio waves from the cable so that it uses electrical power for charging purposes only.

Lastly,the ferrite beads protect the device from high voltage spikes or slow the device from being deteroriated for power outages.Thank you.

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