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The Types of Pearl Mineral According to the Species of Oyster that Breed them and Specific Colour

Pearls are a certain kind of spherical balls which are glittering either white or blueish-grey. The pearls are more precious mineral that its value is equated to minerals such as ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, diamond therefore very wealthy minerals. Pearls are not found deep overseas but are brought by oyster. Inside the shells of the Oyster.j The most amazing thing is that one oyster can make you extremely rich because it contains enough pearls.

There are different types of species of pearl which breeds specific kinds of the pearl. The colour of the pearl also depends on the species that breed them. The first species is Akoya species which breeds Akoya Pearl. The second species is the South sea species which breeds south sea pearls. The black species breeds Tahitian pearls also called black Pearl. The next species is the fresh water species that breeds fresh water pearls or the Chinese pearls. The last one is the Melo species which breeds melo pearls.

When Oyster dies, they normally rot leaving this minerals underneath the oceans and seas because the pearls do not rot. That is why many people swim below the oceans to pick them. Well, the pearls just like other valuable minerals have many functions. They define beauty in women's especially when they wear them as necklaces, bracelets or bangles. However, you need to also understand that there are also fake pearls which are made in industries. The industrial made pearls are normally made to accommodate low class people who can not afford to buy original Pearl made products.

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Akoya Melo Oyster.j Pearl Tahitian


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