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Interesting Facts About Venus You Should Know

With superb new technology devices,alot of discoveries have been made especially space exploration.We can now have a wide knowledge of our universe.Meanwhile,let me take you through the mind-blowing facts about the blue planet,Venus.Venus has it's day being longer than it's year.This may look impossible but how is it possible?This blue planet revolves around the earth faster than it orbits it's axis.Its day is approximately 243 earth days while its year is 224 earth days.

Venus is greatly occupied by volcanic mountains.Its surface has 1600 volcanoes.

Despite being the second planet from the sun,it is the hotter planet whose temperatures reach upto 470°C.It even overtakes Mercury.The reason behind this phenomenon is that Venus has a think atmosphere mainlyconsisting of carbon (iv) Oxide which absorbs heat and creates a greenhouse effect.

In Venus unlike the earth,it rains sulphuric acid

Venus has an atmospheric pressure 90 times stronger than the Earth's.

It is the closest planet to the Earth and mostly it can be seen with our naked eyes from earth.It is the brightest object especially during the dawn.Venus is the only planet that rotates around it's axis in a clockwise motion.It means the sun here rises from West and sets in the east.The planet is similar to Mercury in that it has no moon.

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