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NASA Coalition Turns a 'Bubonic Plague' as All Parties Quit

Once vibrant NASA coalition has been left a shell in a span of one week with all member parties quitting in a huff quoting mistrust among it's partners. Ironically they all want to coalesce around One Kenya Alliance under new terms and conditions.

Probably you have heard of the black death insect that nobody wants to come across commonly known as Bubonic plague. This unfortunately is what NASA coalition has become with all its members opting to quit and renegotiate new terms and conditions ahead of 2022.

It's a fact nobody wants to associate with the NASA coalition today despite efforts by Uhuru Kenyatta to ensure the coalition came together. It's a matter that has shocked the supporters of the NASA coalition shocked by the tum of events.

It's clear also that Uhuru Kenyatta has been trying to bring the entire NASA team together so that they could beat DP Ruto come 2022. However as things stand now it seems impossible and out of touch for the leaders in NASA have expressly said that they all want to be in the ballot come 2022. If that will happen only time will tell but as of now, NASA coalition joins the obituary books.

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