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Why The Recommend Eight Glasses Of Water A Day May Be Too Much

Why is Water so Important for the Body?

The frequently advised eight glasses of water per day may be excessive, according to a recent research. Eight glasses ;which is about two liters of water consumed every day—the amount recommended by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland rarely satisfies our real needs and is frequently excessive.

A research that was published in the journal Science found that individuals only truly require 1.5 to 1.8 liters of water per day since most of the water they consume each day comes from food.

"The first computation of two liters per day was somewhat off. The quantity of water that we would need to drink would be the difference between the total amount of water we would need to consume and the amount of water obtained through food "University of Aberdeen professor John Speakman told the BBC.

"They used people's reported dietary habits to estimate the quantity from food. People underestimate how much they consume, which leads to an overestimate of the amount of water required." 5,604 individuals, aged eight days to 96 years old, from 23 different nations were polled by researchers.

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