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The Fish Which Can Generate 860 Volts Of Electricity

The electric eel, scientifically know as Electrophorus electricus, is one of the most amazing fish species on our planet earth. Even though commonly referred to as an eel, this fish is scientifically not considered as “true” eel because while other eels are classified in the order Anguilliformes, the electric eel is classified in the order of Gymnotiformes, which is called "knife fish" in layman's language. Knife fish have no dorsal fin and have a long, extended caudal fin.Electric eels could be new power source for medical devices | Modern  Healthcare

The electric eel is normally found in the muddy fresh waters of the Amazon forest in South America. Since they are partially blind, they rely on low-level electrical waves to find way in their surroundings. Just like it's name suggests, electric eels have great abilities to produce electric currents.Electric Eel | National Geographic

According to statistics that were conducted by scientists, it was revealed that on average, a mature eel can produce up to 860 volts of electricity. Their bodies are specially adapted in that the vital organs are located on a fifth of the body, right behind the head, while the rest of the body is packed with special electricity producing tissue.

Electric Eel Animal Pictures | A-Z Animals

The electric eels are social predative animals. They use their combined electric power to circle and shock their prey. Moreover, they use this adaptive feature to kill their predators. Please follow my page for more articles.

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Electrophorus Gymnotiformes


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