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Why Do Lithium-Ion Batteries Explode?

For many years battery powered devices that we have have kept our lives busy. The same batteries that add convenience to our lives have the potential to explode and set fires.


What are lithium-ion cell batteries?

Lithium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery. Unlike batteries like AAs and AAAs lithium-ion batteries are built inside the device they power. Lithium-ion battery has the advantages of being light in weight, store more energy and last long time without needing recharging.

Most popular battery powered devices are used near the heads of the user making them vulnerable to explosions. For instance a Florida man removed his wireless headphones when he released smoke arising from them before they exploded.

The reason why batteries explode is because lithium-ion batteries are full of flammable parts and the energy in them are released in an intended way. Other factors that may cause a lithium ion battery to explode include production failures, design flaws, damage caused by use and problem caused by charger.

It is advisable to throw away a device when you see smoke or a funny sound from the device because it might explode. Also you can sue the company if it causes burns or injury to you.

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