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Have You Seen China's Artificial Sun. See Photos Here

China is one among the most developed countries in which science and technology is well endorsed. Many things we use in our household are made in China and this shows how diverse they have become. Every single day, the Chinese come up with something new but the latest was a shock to the world.

Engineers from China made an artificial sun which produces heat of up to 150 million degrees of hotness. This heat is intense. The heat from the sun is produced by a nuclear fusion reactor just like the natural sun. A nuclear fusion takes place for the sun to work.

The process of generating the sun is considered clean. 300 million tons of hydrogen are used to make helium that is used to light the artificial sun and very little waste is produced. What is your opinion on this? Share with us in the comments section below. Don't forget to follow my page so that you can receive notifications of newly published articles daily.

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