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Five Things That Humans Will Never Know No Matter The Advancement of Technology

There are phenomena in nature which has remained unknown to man for centuries and even with technology, we will never fully understand. Humans are the most intelligent creatures walking on earth today but there is limitations over which human mind can access. Here are five phenomena in nature which is known by the creator alone.

1. Time

I know what is ringing in your mind right now. You are confusing time with a clock. Clock is an a devise used to measure time. The time itself is an invisible force which is the determinant of aging. It other words, time can be seen as a cause of aging. We have failed to understand time in its entirety. It something that is within us and human will never understand the real meaning of time. For centuries, physiatrist has been trying to explain time as an illusion. It does not exist as past, present and future, but rather it exists as one happening which is the present moment.

2. Dreams

This is one of the most mysterious happening which humans cannot understand fully. Some people claim to possess ability to interpret dreams well. But that is more of a definition of a dream than understanding how it really works. In ancient egypt or Gemi, dreams were considered to be realities as they believed that we exist as separate entity from the human body. The real you is the one in the dream.

3. Death

The creator is keeping this secret from humans. Most philosophers and spiritual masters around the world claim that death is an illusion. This means it doesn't exist in reality. It is just a transition from being physical to invisible. They believe that we are made of pure energy and consciousness. In the science class, we were taught that energy can never be created nor destroyed, but only transferred. Whether all this are facts or not, it remains the secret of the creator. Advancement in technology will never explain this.

4. God

Existence of God is a mystery which no one can proof. We are only believing because we have no clear understanding of how our universe came to exist with all this life forms.

5. Existence of hell and Heaven

I know very well that for every human being, these are geographical places somewhere else in the skies. Some will say, they are the state of mind. All this remain unknown to us.

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