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Things You Never Knew Are Found In Space. They Are More Than You Can Imagine

The universe is diverse. It has the lands and the space above us. Just like the land has numerous features, so does space. It is only that we are far from it that we can't see these things. They are their in large numbers some even bigger than the earth.

In this article, I will share with you some of the things that are found in space you never knew.

1. Comets. These are heavenly bodies that have an head and a tail. The head is usually made up of small fragments of rock parties and dust whereas the tail is composed of condensed cases. The tails face away from the sun most of the time as they revolve around it.

2. Asteroids. These are rocky worlds that orbit around the sun. There size varies from the size of a car and others can be as big as a city. They are made of different minerals and this way they vary in colors.

3. In space there are depressions, valleys and plains just like we see them on earth. The only difference though is that those in space have no water. They are composed mostly of rocks.

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