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Reasons Why People Who Use Left-hand Are Seen As Special

Doing everything with your left hand is not easy. As much as it seems incredible.left-handed people are actually very special. On average, about 10% of the world population is left-handed. Some of the most sportsmen are left-handed. Athletes such as Nadal, Pele and Oscar de la Hoya all use their left hand.

Left-handed people have higher-than-average IQ. Einstein, Newton and Darwin were left-handed and they were scientific geniuses. According to research done, left-handed people are more skilled than right-handed. This is because their brain is faster and more sensitive in some areas.

The research study confirmed that left-handed people are able to think faster and to solve mathematical problems more quickly. There is also a day which is usually set aside just for them. The international left-handed day is celebrated on 13 August. Infact only 50% of left-handed people use their computer mouse with their left hand.

Many political leaders are left-handed. Three of the last five USA presidents were left-handed. Many African presidents are also left-handed.

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