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UFO-like Cloud Formation Over Turkey's Sky Explained

Residents of Bursa City , a city in Turkey witnessed a wonder on Thursday when a rare cloud formation occured over the city. This happened early in the morning ,Voice of America has reported. As the sun sprayed in the cloud , it emmited alternating yellow and red colours, and its large-oval shape made the residents who were busy recording the phenomenon name think it was Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) , a name highly linked with mythical organisms from other planets or aliens.

The cloud formation invited local meteorological Directorate to investigate and explain what it was. They revealed that the unusual formation is an example of lens cloud formation. The directorate continued to explain that it is formed as a results of strong wind fluctuations over higher areas such as mountains or hills. This cooled the obviously tense residents of the city and those who watched the video online.

Content created and supplied by: Weehourjournalist (via Opera News )

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