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14 Sea Creatures That No One Will Believe Exists In This Planet

Sea Angel

They're swimming sea plugs are found in large groups. These have been discovered in all kinds of climatic conditions including polar regions, under sea ice, and even in equatorial tropic seas.

Elysia chlorotica

This is a small medium-sized species of sea slug which is known as marine opisthobranch gastropod mollusk. This creatures are considered to be a “solar-powered sea slug” meaning that it utilizes solar energy via chloroplasts from its algal food.

Australian ghost shark

The Australian ghost shark is a kind of cartilaginous fish that belongs to the Holocephali family. The species is found in southern Australia, Tasmania, and on the south of East Cape and Kaipara Harbour in New Zealand. It is generally found at depths of 0 m to 200 m.

Deep sea octopus

While geochemists were exploring and collecting samples of warm fluids emerging from the cracks in the volcanic rocks, they found these deep sea octopus inside over a rocky patch of sea. These octopuses belonged to genus Muusoctopus, that were pink, plate-sized creatures with enormous eyes.

A transparent frog

They have a length of 0.8 in long and have a glass body. They are a part of the Ecuadorean Amazon.

Baby squid

This is a purple baby squid which was discovered by the E/V Nautilus team off the coast of California. It is believed to be related to cuttlefish and is generally found in the Pacific Ocean.

Blue dragon glaucus atlanticus

Despite it's beautiful appearance, this creature is considered to be extremely deadly. These were found on the shores of Australia. They're known to feed on poisonous jellyfish and then absorb it to use it back through their stinger.

Halitrephes Jelly

They're deep sea species of deep-sea hydrozoan of the family Halicreatidae which are found at a depth of 4,000-5,000 ft near the Revillagigedo Archipelago off of Baja California, Mexico.

Sea Pen (Merisulat)

The animal is found in tropical and temperate waters at the depths of over 6,100 m. They generally group with the octocorals and with sea whips or gorgonians.

Coconut octopus

Mostly found in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, from Australia to South Africa, Southern Japan, New Guinea, Indonesia, and India. They grows up to a length of approximately 3. They generally prefer to live alone and hunt at dusk and dawn only. They can be found at a depth of 600 ft in a muddy area.

Vampire Squid

They can only be found in temperate and tropical oceans in extreme deep-sea conditions. It can reach a maximum total length of 30 cm.

Sea Lamprey

Belongs to the northern hemisphere. They have an eel-like body without paired fins. They are found in the northern and the western parts of the Atlantic Ocean along the shores of Europe and North America.

Crossota Norvegica Jellyfish

This species of Jellyfish are newly-found species which belongs to the family of Crossota millsae and is found in the Arctic Ocean at depths below 1,000 m. Its body length can reach up to only 2 cm.

Baby Slipper Lobster

These species of lobsters are closely related to spiny lobsters and furry lobsters. They have enlarged antennae that are projected forward from the head as wide plates. They are are also of great commercial importance.

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