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Defect Of The Eye And Its Correction

Defects of the eye

These are structural changes in the eye which makes the focusing mechanism of your eyes difficult. Most eye defects can be corrected after careful diagnosis by an optician. Optician use detection equipment to diagnose the eye defects. Common eye defects are discussed below.

Short sightedness (Myopia)

This is a condition in which light rays from a distant object are brought into focus in front of me retina while those from a near object are clearly focussed on it. This is caused by a long eyeball . It may also be due to too much refractive power of the lens. Short sightedness is corrected by wearing concave or diverging lenses. The concave lenses diverges light rays before reaching the eye lens which then focuses the light on the retina.

Long sightedness (Hypermetropia)

This is the condition in which light rays from a near object not brought to focus by the time they reach the retina, while those from a distant object are sharply focused . It is caused by too short eyeball or weak lens. The disorder is corrected by wearing a convex lens. This lens refracts light rays before reaching the eye lens thereby enhancing refraction in order to focus rays sharply on to the retina.

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