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Science Explained: What Is Time?

Ever asked yourself this question? If yes then you are not alone. After doing an article on space-time , someone asked then what is time? Well, The SI unit of time is second'' and time is usually defined as "what a clock reads." But how does it come about? All these mysteries have for long eluded scientists but with modern progress, everything about time has been standardized globally. Here is what you need to know about how what your clock reads currently comes about.

SI Second

In 1967 the SI second definition was introduced. Essentially SI second is defined as 'ephemeris second as measured by atomic clocks' based directly on the measurement of the atomic-clock observation of the frequency oscillation of caesium atoms. You can read that again to ensure it stocks because you'll need it for reference later on. Now, in realation to the caesium 133 atom, the second is the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of transition between the spining states of the cesium nucleus. Cesium atom was used since it produces frequency which is so regular that it has been adopted for establishing the time.

Photo: FOCS 1, a continuous cold caesium fountain atomic clock in Switzerland.

Time can further be defines as "the continued sequence of existance and events happening in apparent irreversible succession" quantified one second at a time. Did you get that right? Every new seconds presents an opportunity for existence in the present then another and another. The events come and go continuously in regular succession. Seconds make up minutes, minutes-hours ,hours - day and days-months then years and and that's how you go through time.

So now what is the time? Here's how I'll put it for you, time is how things have continuously existed in a sequence and in successions.Things have been happening irreversibility and the current time is Year 2021, November 30th at 16:10 PM. Makes any sense. Through out the existance of the universe, this is the current time we have found ourselves in. Now bring in the idea of how an SI second is derived to understand how we arrive at our current moment of our existance (time) in relation to the existence of the universe. Time is a constant that keeps the world and the universe ticking forward. Any questions?

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