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The Most Expensive Substance On Earth That Costs $62.5 Trillion Per Gram Can Be Found In Bananas

Antimatter is considered to be the most expensive substance on Earth because it requires an incredible amount of energy to generate. According to CERN, it requires several hundred million pounds just to create one-billionth of a gram of antimatter. It also happens to be extremely dangerous, as it annihilates any matter that it may come into contact with in a huge explosion, the size of which is determined by Einstein’s famous E=mc² equation.

Where can you find antimatter?

Scientists have seen evidence of antimatter production above thunderstorms.

But other antimatter sources are even closer to home. For example, bananas produce antimatter, releasing one positron—the antimatter equivalent of an electron—about every 75 minutes. This occurs because bananas contain a small amount of potassium-40, a naturally occurring isotope of potassium. 

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