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Use These Psalms Every 4 AM To Break The Chain Of Poverty In Your Life

This evening, Our Heavenly Father, King of Glory, I worship your Holy Name because you are about to do something spectacular in my destiny.

Accept my gratitude in Jesus' name for the grace you've given me to witness this new month in the fullness of your blessings. I thank you, King of Glory, for your daily provision; you have never let my family or me go hungry, and you have always accepted our appreciation in Jesus' name.

Lord, accept my gratitude in the name of Jesus for your protection over my life and the lives of my relatives. Oh Lord, I humbly beg your forgiveness, father, for we have all sinned and fallen short of your glory; forgive me and wash away my sins in the name of Jesus.

I pray, in Jesus' name, that your Holy Spirit will take entire control of my life beginning today.

Now for the main prayers, please say this prayer by 3 a.m. midnight for the spiritual battle of your destiny against poverty's binding spirit. If you're unable to do so, merely say "Amen."

Now open your Bible to Psalm 12:5.

It says:

"Now I will arise for the oppressor of the poor, for the misery of the poor," the Lord declares, "and I will deliver him from him who puffeth at him."

Pay close attention to God's promise here: he states that when he sees oppressed people, he will arise and free them.

Let's take on the following hot prayer points one by one.

1. In the name of Jesus, I command you to burn to ashes every poverty alter in my birthplace that is working against my prosperity.

2. Any satanic priest ministering against my fortune on an evil alter will be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus.

3. (Raise your right hand) Today, I raise the alter of eternal prosperity upon my life in Jesus' name.

4. Any covenant that is strengthening the stronghold of poverty in my life be uprooted in Jesus' name.

5. I bind and cast out any negative word that enforces poverty in my life in Jesus' name.

6. I refuse to spend money where my peers spend it in the name of Jesus.

7. Please, Lord, see my oppression right now and deliver me from all evildoers in Jesus' name.

8. All machinery that is working against my prosperity will be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

9. I destroy every weapon and blood covenant of poverty in my life in Jesus' name.

10. I destroy all mutual agreements with poverty in my father's house with the blood of the lamb in the name of Jesus.

11. Every spirit that sits on my progress and prosperity does a backflip and dies in Jesus' name.

We pray in Jesus' name and thank You, Lord, for Hearing Our Prayers!

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