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Disquiet Among Members of Repentance And Holiness Ministry After The Prophet Gone Missing

There has been disquiet amongst members of Repentance and Holiness Ministry which is led by Prophet Dr David Owuor after he allegedly gone missing abandoning his followers has Corona virus pandemic hit the country.

Members of the church and Dr Owuor's close associates told K24 Digital that despite the self-proclaimed prophet bragging of how he had foreseen the pandemic hit the world he has been hiding in his Runda home and only sending memo to his followers.

The members said that Dr Owuor who is easily identified by his trademark dreadlocked beards has been very observative for contacting Corona virus which has so far proclaimed more than 3.8 billion people globally.

But Dr Owuor who is also known for his flowing monochrome suits and dreadlocked beards is a man of contradictions; 'The mightiest prophet' whose might is acknowledged by his battalion of followers.

"Even the number of people who visit his home has drastically reduced. What is happening is that he is conducting online services from his home in the company of three individuals including a British man," an insider told the reporter.

A message was also released on Jesus is Lord radio which limited meeting at Dr Owuor's Runda home.

On his YouTube Channel Dr Has been conducting three service on weekly basis where he has been talking about how he had foreseen the Corona virus pandemic.

K24 opted to go through his YouTube channel and got the video where the prophet claimed that he had prophesied that the pandemic would hit Asia.

However in a video where the prophet alleges to have prophesied had an edited caption which was seemingly changed to show that the prophet had foreseen that the pandemic would start in Asia instead of India as it was initially reading.

In the video captioned- Prophesy of a severe destress of disease coming to Asia- Prophet Owuor- he says that the Lord ha takken him to India and he saw a lot of people suffering and being rushed to hospital.

The captain initially read;"Prophesy of severe distress of disease coming to India- Dr Owuor.

''I see lack of equipments and doctors running up and down. The Lord took me to India and I saw the hospital busy. One of the doctors even told me that they lack enough equipments and the disease will emerge in India,'' he said and quoted the Bible in the book of Daniel 12.

According to him the disease is destress consuming the world before it comes to an end.

The ways of operations by Dr Owuor church can now be revealed and the most basic one is that members operate and receive directives from WhatsApp groups.

The source said that every branch of the church has a WhatsApp group in which the members discuss their welfare and also receive directives on what to do.

In a memo seen by this report which was written by Joan Mutai, a senior Bishop in the church in relation to a meeting which was to take place on March 13-14, 2020, and those who showed symptoms of Corona virus were asked not to attend.

K24 Digital had established that the meeting was to be attended by 200 bishops of the church but some dint show up.

Days later after the memo about the meeting had been sent to the bishops, Dr Owuor further reduced the number of the bishops from 200 to only 14.

In the communication Dr Owuor argued that they had been asked to reduce the number by the National Government.

In another communication over the pandemic which has left his followers questioning his ability to cure the virus, one of his trustees, DEB Major General George Kyaka asked his members who were attending the service within Nairobi to ensure that they put on nose masks.

A memo asked members of the church to stop physical attendance of the service due to the spread of Corona virus.

"A times I wonder if he foresaw the pandemic, he told people to repent which we've been doing why should the churches remain closed surely?" Asked one member of the church.

He told us that we can gather in group if not exceeding ten people in order to follow from our home as the service would be streamed live. This is what we've been doing untill I decided to stop following," the member added.

In addition the memo also asked the members to buy gloves and operate in them.

K24 Digital established that during a meeting that took place in church's headquarters in Nairobi Dr John Litunda, whom Prophet Owuor claims to has risen from death, was ordered to operate in gloves and stay there for seven months.

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