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Why The Curtain of the Temple Was Torn Into Two During Jesus' Death

We are told in the Bible the several things that happened during the death of Jesus including the tearing apart of the curtain of the temple. Did you ever know why these things happened? Remember Jesus said that certain things will have to happen to fulfil the prophecy of the old testament. And for that reason, even His death was a fulfilment of the Old Testament prophecies.

The Holy Temple in Jerusalem was the centre of Jewish religious life. It was so even during the lifetime of Jesus. Animal sacrifices and worship were conducted in the temple. The temple was separated into two by a veil. One area was the earthly dwelling place Of God's presence while the other place was where man dwelt. This meant that man was separated from God by sin.

Only the high priest was allowed to pass beyond the veil once every year to enter into the presence of God on the behalf of the Israelites and make attornment to God. The veil was high and thick.

When Jesus died this veil tore into two parts. This sim0ly meant that the veil was no more. God no longer dwelt in the temple made of the human hand. Jesus became the only way to God and His shedding of blood was attornment of the sins of the Israelites.

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