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Chief Narrates How He Firmly Stood Against Pastor Mackenzie

A chief who stood firm against the teachings of controversial pastor Paul MacKenzie has revealed the tactics he used to kick him out of his location.

Speaking to the media, the chief said that after arriving in Bungale area, Mackenzie recruited several people including children to his church. He taught them that education was bad and children shouldn't go to school.

Angered by the controversial teachings, the chief held a meeting with the security team at the sub location level and recommended that MacKenzie's church be banned from the area.

The case ended up at the DCC's office and investigations commenced. Police officers went to the church and took kids who were not going to school. The kids stood firm against education claiming that it was against biblical teachings. They were not afraid of being taken to court.

After being released, the children went back to the church. Angry residents however forcefully removed them from the church and burnt it. The house of Pastor Titus who was MacKenzie's accomplice was also burnt down.

Pastor Mackenzie eventually ended up at the DCC's office where he was advised to vacate the area for his own security. He got angry and claimed that the chief had incited residents to turn against him. He said that he would file a case against the chief.

Sadly, 4 people followed Mackenzie and they are still missing. The chief said that they have gone to mortuaries to look for the bodies but haven't found them. They have also visited several cells and hospital looking for them.

The chief believes that if they had not stood firm against the teachings of Pastor Mackenzie in the area, a massacre similar to the one witnessed in Shakahola would have occurred.

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