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What To Do When There Is Delay In Your Prayers

Whenever there is a delay in your prayer never complain but pray to God to give you the grace to reveal the hidden secret/mysteries that were hidden within the family background.

That may be the reason for your misfortunate in your life e.g generation curse, generational diseases...Pray with faith and have the power spiritual realm.

Whenever you seek grace to reveal the spiritual secret/mysteries around always remember God is not a noise but does not communicate through the human form for example mad person, drunkard, stranger, or a sober person.

Also, God can communicate thru the object form like water running dry in the shower. God communicates through visions, dreams, and hidden revelation.

God speaks but you are dull to understand the message about the dream. So before you complain about your delayed prayer make analyze the list.

Look at them maybe God answered your prayer but you were ignorant about it/not alert in the spiritual realm/spirit of discernment was the absence in you.

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