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If A Woman Wakes You In The Middle Of The Night To Tell You The Following, Kindly Don't Hesitate-Opinion

Nothing pisses people off like being woken up from a deep sleep. You might be having a sweet dream or perhaps having the best moment. Someone ruining such a moment will be doing you more harm than good. But some cases should be exceptional. You need to wake up and at times listen to what it up. Not all things are for wasting time. Others will be for your own good or attending to things more important than sleep.

If she wakes you up to read the Bible then please do. Spiritual development should beb guarantee when dating or when in a marriage context. Wake up and read the Bible together. It will be for your own nourishment. A spiritual man is the target of all women. A man who can stand for the family in prayers and fight. A man who honors and obeys God. This is what all women need.

If she wakes you up to pray over an issue then kindly do so. The issue my be very intense and behind the worldly people to solve. Sometimes God is always the only options. If she wakes you up to pray over a matter then kindly take it seriously. It's not a joke. We have God who listens to a our prayers. The problem could have been tried out but lacked a solution but God in heaven will always listen.

If she wakes you up to solve your relationship issues then don't hesitate. When in a relationship, getting time could sometimes be hard moreso when both of you are working or schooling. You will be having fixed schedules that might not support free time for discussion. Any time found together should therefore be utilized whether it's the middle of the night. Wake up and talk maturely to agree.

If she wakes you up to because of her complex health issues. Health is not something to be played with. Some health emergencies arise at the wee hours of the night. You ignoring them will just be causing you more harm. Respond immediately and act. Don't be too sleepy not to cater for cases like high blood pressure, convulsing or persistent migraines. They may be too serious and cause death.

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