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5 Ways to Prepare The second Coming of Jesus

Even though we have no idea when Jesus will return, we do see that the world is becoming increasingly dull, as it did in Noah's day, and that the world is maturing for God's judgment.

So, how can we, as children of light, prepare for that glorious day of Jesus' second coming? Here are five distinct methods to prepare for Jesus' return in a significant way.

1. Supplicate

If you want to know what God knows, you should start by asking Him.

Even amid chaos, he will lead and direct you to a place of security and harmony. He'll provide you with the assurance and strength you'll need to deal with the darkness.

If you are humble enough to ask Him, He will welcome you into His divine light.

2. Pay attention

In some circumstances, we believe we know what God requires of us, yet God's instruction isn't always obvious.

As Christians, we have the incredible opportunity to help prepare the world for Jesus' second coming. This requires us to pay to listen to God's voice to understand and carry out God's will. If we put our trust in Him, He will lead us to the places we need to be and the safety that is available to His children.

3. Keep an eye on it

We must keep an eye on things and be ready, according to the holy person Paul. We don't watch with fear and trembling, but rather with exhilaration and vigor.

Jesus' homecoming should be a wonderful occasion for His family, and we should be looking forward to it. We can be certain that those who watch will be aware of the season.

4. Keep it safe.

When Jesus was talking about His return, He told the tale of the ten virgins. Five of the virgins had extra oil, but the other five did not. When the arrival of the man of the hour was postponed, the five who didn't have enough oil needed to go to the market to obtain some, and while they were gone, the husband became and they missed Him.

The type of oil we need to keep is that which feeds our inner light: Bible study, supplication, information about Jesus, church engagement, and good music. These things bring light to our lives and spirits, and they will help us prepare for Jesus' coming.

5. Enhance

God does not expect us to be magnificent, and we should not expect to see Him in perfect condition when He returns. The usual expectation is that each day will be slightly better than the previous one.

If Jesus came today, He would acknowledge your progress and consider you His, regardless of how insignificant your means are. Forward progress pushes us forward, even the smallest steps.

We don't have to be superhuman; all we have to do is put out a tremendous effort to make the most of every day as an opportunity to grow. Each day is all we have to worry about at any one time.

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