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2 Powerful Psalms You Can Say Daily Before Before Going To Sleep

A Psalm is a song or a hymn that you can say as a Christian and in the Bible we have many Psalms that can help you when you say them. But today am going to give you just 2 Powerful Psalms you can say at night.

The first Psalm is Psalm 91 and it's for protection.

There is no other place you can hide other than the Lord's He is your protector. ," I said to my God, you are my refugees and my stronghold, My God I trust in you".

If you trust in God he will protect you from all the dangers,from all the diseases and any evil trying to attack you. Approach God for protection and he will shield you and give you the protection you need.

You will never be afraid at night when you sleep or be afraid of any evil around your if you come to God for protection and trust in him. You said he is your refuge hide in him and you will peace of mind and live a free life without fear.

If you call on God for Protection he will send his angels to guide you and hold your hand so that you can fall and that how our God is just trust in him fully and pray.

The second Psalm is Psalms 27 it's also for protection.

Lord you are my light and my saviour so why should I be afraid?. Bad people will try to destroy your body but when you have God you have life and my enemies will try to destroy you but all will fall because you have made the Lord your God to be Everything to you.

Even if all will abandon you God will never leave you he will protect you from your enemies and you will never be hurt and stay strong all through. Put all your trust in God and patiently wait for him since he never fails.

Thank you and please follow for more.

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