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Catholic Church! Unique Reason Why Catholic Worship is Referred As 'Mass' And Not 'Service'

As Christians we always go to worship at different churches, some go to catholic church,SDA and other Protestant churches. How the churches conduct their services is often different from each other.

We all know that Catholic worship is always known as Mass and not service as in other Christian Denominations. However, have you ever asked yourself why they call it Mass?

But apart from being called 'Mass' according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, they could also refer Mass as The Eucharist, The Lord's Supper or Breaking of the Bread.

It can be called the Eucharist as it is an action of giving thanks to God. Here is unique reason why the Catholic Worship is referred to as 'Mass' and not 'Service'.

First if all the word 'mass' is from a Latin word 'missa' and it means to be sent. It is known as mass as the worship comes to an end with sending the faithful. This means that in every mass, they are sent out on a mission to obey the will of God.

The priests and Bishop cannot be everywhere to spread the word of God, making it the main reason why in celebration of the mass, we come together as people of God. The priest always concludes the mass by saying "go in the peace of the Lord,the Mass is ended". It means whatever God has placed in your heart,go into the world and spread.

So from now on when your hear the priest saying, " go in the peace of the Lord the mass has ended," always ask yourself what you are going to spread to the world. I hope you have learnt something. Please,do not forget to share and comment in the comment section.

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