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Meditation for Mental Health: From One Introvert to Another

Have you ever considered using meditation for mental health? 

Long ago, I used to think that meditation was something weird and unhappy people did in order to find peace with themselves.

 This wasn’t until I began my Yoga Training that made my eyes open to the many benefits of meditation for both physical and mental wellbeing.

It was my discovery of yoga and meditation that allowed me to start embracing and making the most of my introverted strengths.

While I don’t suffer from any diagnosable mental health problems, I have experienced bouts of anxiety. And I’m an introvert – social awkwardness which often leads to social anxiety has accompanied me my whole life. 

This is where I find meditation invaluable. By practising regularly, I can easily overcome the tendency to over think everything. Less over thinking means less anxiety, and less anxiety means I can handle any situation life throws at me with a calm mind and confident manner.

Reasons to use meditation for my mental health

1. When you meditate regularly, your thoughts are more precise. A regular meditation practice keeps your mind calm and your thoughts clear. This makes whatever you are looking or searching for, to be easily found. 

As an introvert in social situations, the clearer your thoughts, the easier it is to communicate, and the less social awkwardness ensues.

2. With regular meditation, you don’t necessarily care about external things as much. Meditation helps you to feel satisfied with yourself and with your life.

This helps you avoid comparison to others.

 It has been scientifically proven that social media comparison can lead to depression. 

Regular meditation is also great for your savings plan as you are less likely to feel the need to shop. You become calm and confident within yourself and therefore, less prone to fall for marketing prompts to buy more or to be more.

3. Regular meditation builds confidence in you. This is an unexpected benefit to meditation, one that was never mentioned in any of the textbooks I read while studying for my yoga teacher qualification. The more you meditate, the more confident you feel.

This confidence has nothing to do with external conditions, accolades or accomplishments, it’s unshakeable.

When you meditate you connect with source. Depending on your belief system, source can be identified as God, the universe or that deep part of you that is your higher self. And the sense of knowing that comes with connecting to source is what gives you this quiet and unshakeable confidence. And this confidence means less anxiety or social awkwardness in any situation.

Content created and supplied by: Fasihibrand (via Opera News )


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