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Devotion: Go Tell The Good News To The Whole World

It would be easy to read this gospel passage and get depressed! However, this is only if you read it with a narrow focus. Jesus was speaking to the "Chosen People" of Israel, those who were first, and yet didn't seem to get the message.

We are actually the "last" because we are descendants of those who were brought to Jesus through the work of the disciples. But what is the "narrow gate?" It's really not enough to say that we know "about" Jesus; that we went to church a few times.

The question is really, but what did we DO? The answer to the question about what it means to do the will of God is really, "Go out to all the world and tell the Good News." This is from the gospel of Mark, then how do we do this? If you have ever been in love, you know that it is almost impossible not to let people know about it. And, if you do try to keep it a secret, all someone has to do is look at your face and they can tell there's something different about you. You light up when you see those you love be it friends, children or your spouse!

Do you light up when you are in the presence of God? Does your face glow when you talk about your faith? How do people know that you love God? Are you the kind one in your neighborhood, at work, at school – at home? Is your life – and I ask the same questions of myself – a witness to what you profess to believe?

St. Francis of Assisi is credited with saying that we should preach the gospel always and, if necessary, use words. As we go forward with our efforts of the new evangelization in our planning, the answers to these questions become even more important.

Our role as disciples is to go and tell the good news. May those who know us and come to know us see in our words and our works that we truly believe that the "Good News" is Jesus.

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