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Prayer For Your Spiritual Life To Be Prosperous

Lord, show me any people, places, or things that have been strategically put in my path to blind my eyes, close my ears, and shut my mouth in the Spirit. I plead for the blood of Jesus over my eyes, ears, and mouth. They will be used by God in this hour. I renounce outright and subliminal idolatry that might be affecting me. I am not my own, and I do not lean on my understanding. My spiritual life is prosperous, and no good thing will be held back from me.

I cast the spirit that comes against my prayer life out of my house. All heaviness and depression go from me and my family. I put on the whole armor of God, and every fiery dart of the enemy is broken off of my mind and cast out of my heart.

My loins are girded about with truth, and every lie against my intercession or relationship with God is defeated. My feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. I carry the anointing of intercession in my belly. In one hand I have the sword of the Spirit and on the other the shield of faith.

The Word of God is nigh me, and I will decree and declare the oracles of God before men and behind closed doors. The Word of God will go from the logos to the Rhema as I speak it forth in prayer. The things that I speak in prayer will take feet and do what the Lord has commanded through my mouth.

Lord, I thank You for helping me to pray prayers that bring results and avail much. All of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons and the daughters of God. I will not keep creation on hold. I was created to have a personal relationship with God, to stand in the gap, to be on the wall, and to make up the hedge.

I realize that my prayers can change my family, my city, and my nation. I realize that souls may be lost if I am not obedient in prayer. I will not miss the call of God on my life, and I repent for yielding to my flesh to be lazy in prayer. From this moment forward, I yield and submit my prayer life to the Holy Spirit.

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