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Diminishing of culture in our community

Customs of our ancestors is being deprived day In day out.Our forefathers lived according to their beliefs which made their lifespan longer.Even the kind of foods they ate were natural e.g raw foods without chemicals and used natural herbs .They worn clothes decently.They also married through protocols.

Nowadays things have been altered for worse.The power of digital leading to change of technology has brought nightmares e.g bleaching , wearing short clothes and tight fordresses , practicing come we stay marriages.chemicals for planting which has brought many diseases e.g cancer.

Rural areas believed to contain some norms nowadays are worse due to copying what others do online e.g celebs.There is also disrespect of gender where women where men clothes .It will not be long for men to start wearing women clothes.

It's surprising on how people are craving for unknown life which is dangerous. People need to recall what our ancestors were doing and start practicing before it's too late.

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