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Why discouragement should not be a part of your life.

Don't allow the devil to make you worry. Stay in the fight. Regardless of how many times you've failed, keep on trying, you may have tried and failed repeatedly but God is bigger than any problem you may face,and He is wise than any Enemy you may encounter. So don't be discouraged by any opposition, they may hate you,but they can't stop you.

When they try to set traps for your downfall the Lord will order your steps. God will turn their stumbling blocks into your stepping Stones and most importantly when you're blessed you're blessed.

Don't be discouraged,it's often the last key in the bunch that opens the door..Refuse to stay down no matter how many times life pushes you down and if you fall just look up to the mountains where your help comes from. He's a supernatural God, He turn around every situation.

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