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Biblical Facts Including Number Of Times Words Hate And Love Have Been Used In The Bible

1) Word “hate” is used 87 times in the Bible, but the word “love” is used 310 times.

2.) Joash was the youngest king at 7 years old (2 Chr 24:1).

3.) John The Baptist was Jesus’ cousin (Lk 1:36).

4.) God miraculously caused the sun to stand still in the sky, providing light for 24 hours straight (Josh 10:12-14).

5.) Delilah did not cut Samson’s hair (Judge 16:19).

6.) Methuselah was the oldest man at 969 yrs old (Gen 5:27).

7.) Seven people committed suicide in the Bible: (Zimri: 1 Kin 16:18) (Judas: Mt 27:3-5) (Abimelech: Judge 9:53-54)(Ahithophel: 2 Sam 17:23) (Samson: Judge 16:25-30)

(Saul: 1 Sam 31:4-5, 1 Chr 10:4-5) (Saul’s armorbearer: 1 Sam 31:5, 1 Chr 10:5).

8.) Ehud was the 1st left handed man in the Bible (Judge 3:15).

9.) Dogs are mentioned 41 times in the Bible, cats are never mentioned.

10.) The 10 commandments had writing on both sides (Ex 32:15).

11.) Ostriches are mentioned only twice in the Bible: (Job 39:13-18)(Lam 4:3). They are described as cruel and harsh towards their young, having no wisdom or understanding, but faster than a horse.

12.) There are 12 books of the Bible that start with J.

13.) Everyone spoke the same language until the incident at the Tower of Babel (Gen 11:1-9).

14.) There was a lady named Noah (Josh 17:3).

15.) Samson used the jawbone of a donkey to kill 1000 men (Judge 15:15).

16.) The only boat mentioned by name in the Bible is the Castor and Pollux (Acts 28:11).

17.) Manasseh was the longest reigning king at 55 years (2 Kin 21:1).

18.) Zimri was the shortest reigning king at 7 days (1 Kin 16:15).

19.) Apples are mentioned 3 times in the Bible (Prov 25:11)(Song 2:5)(Song 7:8). Apple trees are also mentioned 3 times: (Song 2:3)(Song 8:5)(Joel 1:12).

20.) You know the term “apple of his eye” (i.e. Deut 32:10, Ps 17:8, Prov 7:2), right? The Hebrew word for “apple” is iyshown, and it means “pupil.”

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