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What You never Knew About Firstborns.

By Consolata Lukayu

By the order of God, every Firstborn that opens the womb belongs to GOD.Meaning that the first borns must be dedicated to the Almighty God,any attempts to dedicate him or her to any other God will invite accumulated problems into the life of that first born.

Here are facts about the first borns;

1•They are God properties and are divinely protected from the womb.

2•They are destined for leadership and excellence in life.

3•They have been divinely configured with knowledge for witty inventions from heaven_prov:8:12.

4•They are divinely channels of prosperity and God's resources.

5•Firstborns are meant for double portions.

6•They are meant to be leaders, pacesetters, burden bearers, solution providers.

7•The screpter of wisdom and rulership is in their hands.

8•The devil hates first borns with perfect hatred and so will attack them because of the enormous virtues God has loaded them with.

9•They should be carriers of assets and not liabilities.

10•They should be leading voices anywhere.

11•They should be the head and not the tail.

12•Unfortunately,serpents of darkness are biting many first borns because of parental handing in the womb or at birth culture mindset about the first borns are compounding their problems due to evil dedication, evil donation or using the first born as evil collaterals on a strange family, palace or village altars.May the Lord have mercy in Jesus Name.

13•When first borns are dedicated back to God, such lives will witness explosive breakthrough in life.

14•Firstborns are to carry the priesthood in the family for the Almighty God, but the ones wrongly dedicated to ldols carry wrong satanic priesthood but there is Calvary provision for divine restoration (Heb 8:6_13).

15•First borns must enjoy open heaven, authority, Godly remembrance, favour and anointing of ease.

First borns should thank God for you have a mediator Jesus Christ of Nazarene.Once you surrender your life to him and abide in His word, with thorough Deliverance and holiness, your destiny will be divinely adjusted and restoration will be your portion in Jesus Share this article please.

Content created and supplied by: Consylukayu (via Opera News )


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