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Kenyan Pastor Stripped Off His Duties After He Was Caught Chewing 'Mzugu' Lady In Church

Drama is real in Kenya and many unimaginable incidents are reported on a daily basis. Ranging from crazy deeds of individuals to online rib cracking comedy, Kenyans never disappoint when it comes to new reportings and incidents.

Photo Courtesy: Church Congregants

However, some of the reported happenings are saddening and unfit to be heard.

In the most recent unimaginable incident, a Kenyan Pastor based in the united States was stripped his role as a pastor after he was caught pants down with a married woman in the church. It is reported that the pastor and the lady claimed to be doing extra bible study sessions only for them to be engaged in the bedroom act in a Holy place.

This is a saddening incident since the pastor is supposed to take care of Flock and lead them on the right ways. However instead of instilling the right morals to them and practicing what the Holy bible says, the Pastor seems to be preaching water but goes ahead to drink wine.

It is advisable that we uphold the best virtues of Religion and that each person puts to practice good deeds since the bible records it clearly that God will bring to Judgement every deed, be it good or bad.

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