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We Should Improve Our Commitment To God

As a pastor,

a counselor,

a preacher,

an educator ,

and a church leader,I have discovered that the secret of fulfillment, happiness and enjoyment is neither in power nor wealth ,neither in numbers of who are behind one,nor experiences ,but in commitment to God's will.

Therefore, attitude,NOT CIRCUMSTANCES, determines happiness in whichever state one may find himself or herself .God shapes individual's life through different happening.

Church leaders should not be concerned too much about the amount of offerings they get. That should come last . The main agenda of the church is to improve the faith of the belivers . Greedy pastors have turned church into something like a business. The same thing Jesus condemned while preaching.

Jesus Christ died because of our sins . He suffered because of us . He shed blood for us . He took away the pain. We should rejoice and be glad in him.

You find nowadays pastors driving expensive vehicles while the church members have no shoe. You wonder where our priority is.

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