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Three Dangerous Prayers That Provoke Engels To Fight For You

Human beings were created with the sole purpose of serving God and nothing else. People have a responsibility to pray to God and ask for what they want. As a result, if we pray, God hears us and has appointed angels to fight our battles. 

You should read the book of Daniel if you have a Bible. This will assist you in seeing supernatural battles in celestial realms. According to the Bible, there was a time when Daniel fasted and prayed for twenty-one days.

During this time, a battle was raging in heaven to prevent revelation from reaching him. However, as he was praying, Jesus came to see him. That is, Daniel tenth chapter, verses 5–9. Also, Daniel tenth chapter, verses ten to thirteen.

As a result, these two scriptures teach us that when we pray, angels are fighting for us. So keep praying because angels are battling alongside you, and your breakthrough is just around the corner. 

Angels have been entrusted to you by Good, and their duty is to minister to you in every way possible, as well as to protect you according to the voice of God's word.

You should say the following prayers if you want Angels to help you. 

1.Angels of the Most High God fight my battles in celestial places, fight my battles that I am unable to fight, and fight against those who oppose me.

2. I summon the angels of the Most High God who have been assigned to me. 

3. Angels from the Most High God travel to the four corners of the earth: north, south, east, and west, bringing me financial prosperity and customers.

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