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Pray like this for your prayers to be answered, it is powerful technique

Prayer is a way of communicating and staying connected with God. Many people commit themselves to submit their desire to God everyday but in most cases they will not see the outcome.

There is a right way to pray and get your prayers answered, sometimes instantly. God has a plan for each an everyone of us. We only need to trust the process by keeping ourselves in prayers.

Because prayer is a communication with God, you must pray as if you are talking to God one on one.

Your prayers should look like this: " thank you God I am so happy and grateful for the financial abundancy in my life and for the lovely life I love each single day,......."

Pray and believe that what you are praying for is already yours. Never attach any negativity in your prayer. If you are praying for money abundancy in your life, first remove negativity in your mind about money. This are mental blocks that may prevent you from succeeding in your prayers. Never have negative thoughts towards what you are praying for.

In the book of mark 11:24 it says: "you can pray for anything and if you believe that you have received it will be yours."

From this teaching it is clear that we must first believe that we already have them. Assume the feeling of having what you are praying for. In other words, give thanks to what you don't have and it will be added unto you. Just be grateful for your desires first and it will manifest to reality. See yourself succeeding. Testify that your prayers is already answered.

God has already given us what we want. We only have to give thanks Him on a daily basis.

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