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5 Pastors and Prophets to Be Avoided in Your Life as a Christian

A true Pastor or Prophet should follow scriptures as well explained in the Bible. Photo|Courtesy.

The bible was very clear on what will happen during the end of times. When that time approaches, many false prophets will appear claiming that they are the Messiah. But Jesus Himself said that we shouldn’t be worried about these things since the Lord will not do anything unless He has sent His Messenger. This messenger must appear to announce the coming of the Messiah and the end of the world. As you prepare to enter the kingdom of God, avoid the following preachers;

Pastors who Preach water and take wine.

You can get this in the book of Mathew chapter 23 verse 27 to 32. Jesus was warning the Pharisees against appearing righteous but in the real sense they are hypocrites. These are pastors who do not do what they preach. For instance, if a pastor is preaching about indecent dressing, he or she is expected to act as an example. A corrupt religious leader will have no reason to preach against corruption. A person who takes alcohol will not preach against drunkenness since he or she does not preach against the same.

Pastors and Prophets who are not concerned about the poor.

Mathews 25 verse 42 to 46 says that, ‘’I was hungry and you didn’t feed me.’’ Instead of helping the poor, these preachers will go ahead to take the little they have. The bible is very clear that we should help the poor, the orphans and the widows. We must make sure that they are comfortable before we make ourselves comfortable. A serious preacher will not let his follower sleep hungry when he has a lot in store for himself.

Preachers who do not prepare the flock for the coming of the Messiah.

The main reason for being a born-again Christian is to finally enter into the Kingdom of heaven. You are therefore expected to prepare well by living in holiness and righteousness. Heaven is real as well as hell. Any preacher who does not prepare the flock for the coming of the Messiah then he is probably misleading the bride of Christ.

Preachers who does not dress modestly in the house of the Lord.

If a preacher appears with blue jeans in the house of the Lord then you will ask yourself many questions. In addition, he will be with a T-shirt or a funny shirt with modern style. Some appear with modern hair shaving styles. Some even braid their hair. This kind of confusion shouldn’t be found in the house of the Lord.

Preacher who will only preach about the gospel of prosperity.

Its is good to prosper but by avoiding sin. A preacher should guide the congregants on how to avoid sin and end up in the kingdom of heaven. Without proper preparations, not even one person will see heaven. Hebrews 12: 14 says without holiness no one will see God. Preachers should stop telling people how they will be rich in future without rebuking their sins and wickedness.

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