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3 Reasons Why God Is Not Rescuing You

God loves us so much and He would do anything to hurt us for no reason. He is just and treats us the same irregardless of our classes. It is true that there is nothing that God cannot do in this life. This has left many Christians wondering why God doesn't rescue them whenever they are in trouble. One of the things that Christians have not discovered is that God always has his reasons for doing everything. If He doesn't rescue you then you are the problem and you need to check yourself. The following are some of the reasons why God is not rescuing you.

1. You sinned against Him.

Sinning is one of the things that God hates the most. This is because it involves disobey Him and going against His commands. As a Christian you cannot wrong someone and expect them to do good things to you without asking for forgiveness. The same thing happens with God. When you seen against Him He will not rescue you when you are in trouble until you repent.

2.You don't believe in Him.

Faith is an important thing when it comes to God. When you have faith in Him you will be blessed more than that person who doesn't have any single belief in Him. When you are in trouble there is no way God will come to your rescue when you don't believe that He can rescue you. He disciplines us so that we can do the right thing. And not rescuing us because we doesn't have faith in Him is one of them.

3.You need to trust Him.

This is another important thing that God needs us to have in Him. He needs you to trust that He will do everything to us no matter how long it takes. Some us forget about God when we have problems and run to people who will not help us. We then end up blaming Him when we are the ones who made wrong choices. As a Christian you should therefore trust in God because He will never break your heart.

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