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How To Accept Christ And Live Righteously

Beloveth, there is something called DEATH-The end of human life here on earth and there is something called ETERNITY-A place where the souls of the dead exist after death.

This eternity has two features-Heaven-A a place of bliss and righteous pleasure where souls who are saved by grace and lived righteously here on earth will spend the rest of eternity which is forever and the second department.

HELL-a place of eternal torment by fire and brimstone, where souls who fell short of grace and lived unrighteously during their time here on earth.

There is a tender aspect of every person. That aspect needs to be respected, loved, and appreciated. No matter the age, color, or size, that aspect of every human is vital to the personality of everyone.

Make it a point of duty to always show respect, love, and care even to that okada rider, the bus conductor, the barrow pusher, that little girl that calls you aunty, your junior colleagues, your superiors, your lover, and your spouse. Everybody needs love. God bless you.

Today, while you're still breathing, mercy is still available. The choices you make and will make will lead you to either of the places. Accept Christ, live righteously, and share the love of God everywhere and at the end, Heaven will be yours. Shalom.

Grow :: First Baptist Church of Kingstowne


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