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The Two Most Beautiful And Largest Mosques In The World

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi is the most beautiful and largest mosque in Saudi Arabia and in whole world.It is found in the city of Madinah.The mosque was constructed by an Islamic proph engineer Mohammed.It took him almost one year to design it's construction.The mosque took him more than two years to complete its construction.The mosque carries a capacity of more than 250 thousand people.It has been the center where holy month of Ramadhan is being conducted as well as the Islamic study.

Holy Mosque in Mecca Saudi Arabia is the second largest and beautiful mosque in Saudi Arabia.It was constructed in the year 1943 by an Islamic prophet.The mosque carries a total capacity of more than 200 thousand island.It costed worth shillings more than 400 million for the construction.It is constructed at the island.

Due to high demand of people converting to Islamic religion in Saudi Arabia, government has planned the expansion of the Holy Mecca mosque to carry a capacity of more than 500 thousand Muslims.

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Al-Masjid an-Nabawi Holy Mosque Islamic Mecca Saudi Arabia


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