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6 Ways To Know The Calling Of God That Is Upon Your Life And Follow It

One of the greatest challenges that most christians have is being able to identify the call of God that is upon their lives.

One of the most fulfilling things in the life of a human being is being able to identify what God has destined them to do.

Most people have spent most of their life doing things that are not in line with the call of God upon their lives and so most of these people don't get fulfillment no matter how successful they are in life.

You could be very successful and rich but that does not mean you are doing the call of God that is upon your life. One of the proofs that you are doing what God called you to do is the fact that you get fulfillment. This type of fulfillment is not because of the dollars you get but because what you are doing makes your hear glad.

In this article today, we are going to look at 6 Ways a believer can be able to identify his calling and how to go about It. The following are some of the 6 Ways a person can be able to identify his/her calling upon his/her life;

1. Divine visitation

One of the most sure ways to identify the call upon your life is by this divine revelation. In a divine visitation, you can receive the massage through a dream or a vision. God can also use a prophet to talk to you. God can literally give you a sign that will tell you that you have been called. This however does not happen to everyone. We have several examples of people in the bible who received their calling in this manner. They include King David who was called by prophet Samuel, King Saul, Apostle Paul met Christ is a vision and we have many other examples.

2. Those around you

Another sure way of knowing your call is by those around you telling you. You could be having a special ability that you personally don't know or never think a lot about but those around you have noticed it. Especially when you notice several people telling you the same thing and there is a lot of consistency, then it is high time to believe that it is a calling of God in you life and you have to do something about it.

3. Things that bring Excitement

Is there anything in the church that when you do brings you a lot of excitement and fulfillment. You always want to do these things again and again and they never get you tired. Maybe you just find evangelism to be your passion and when others find it difficult to you it is so exciting. It could even be singing or even helping others. Identify what really excites you and that will be the beginning of identifying your call.

4. Look at your talents

One thing you should know that talents are given at birth but gifts are given after a person is born again. Everyone has a talent but only those that are born again have the gifts. Can you identify your talent because you definitely have one or even several. You could be good at public speaking and maybe God is calling you to be a preacher or a teacher. You could be good at singing and maybe God is calling you to be a worshipper. Identify your gift first and then you will begin understanding your gift which aligns to your call in life.

5. Life circumstances or Experiences

Sometimes God will allow you to pass through hard circumstances in life so that you can be able to know what he has called you to do. You could even be battling a deadly disease and the moment God heals you, you will begin to even be a source of healing for many others. It could even be serious mental traumor but once you overcome that, you will realize that God was training you and even giving you the ability to help others in similar situations. Everytime you face hard circumstances, be willing to understand what God is trying to teach you and be willing to learn.

6. General Service to God

Is there anything you are doing not to serve God? Many people make the mistake of just sitting and doing nothing expecting God will just reveal to them their call. You have to begin from somewhere and start small. Service God in that capacity don't just wait to be great. Don't just wait to be a famous preacher when all you do in the house of God is just sitting. It could even be doing ushering in your local church, it could even be cleaning the church. You will begin to realize that the more you do this, the more the call of God upon your life becomes clear.

Above every other thing, make sure you are prayerful when you want to understand the will and purpose on your Life. There is nothing that prayer cannot do and so every believer must learn to pray.

Hope you find this article very helpful in a bid to answer your question on how to identify the call of God upon your Life. Feel free to share with us your thoughts on the comment section below on what you think. Also don't forget to like and also share this article.

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