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5 Signs Recorded In The Bible That Will Mark The Second Coming Of Christ: Are We In That Era

1. Wars

This is one of the topics that is frequently mentioned in the sacred books. War rumors and actual wars will be a few of the things that the second coming of Christ will be marked by. In the book of Matthew, Jesus used these same words while discussing the second coming of Christ with his disciples.

Countries will rise against nations, he is even reported as saying in Matthew 24:7, as evidence that this will undoubtedly occur to herald his second coming.

2. Swindlers and false teachers

In many of his teachings, especially when he was discussing the second coming of Christ, Jesus was never shy about criticizing false prophets and teachers. This is another another distinct occurrence that Jesus explicitly discussed while he was still on earth. Christ made it quite apparent in his discourse on the matter that counterfeit Christs will appear in the church and make claims to be the Nazarene.

Many people will be duped into accepting the counterfeit christ as the true one. In Matthew 24:11, Jesus also predicted the emergence of a large number of false prophets. You should be aware that this is just the start of the labor pains as soon as you witness the rise of false prophets and false teachers.

3. Retribution

Being treated unfairly due to your religious or philosophical beliefs is persecution. Jesus frequently addressed persecution, especially for those who would become his disciples, in his teachings. In actuality, all 12 of Jesus' disciples—aside from John the Beloved—died violent deaths. When discussing persecution, Jesus did say that many people would experience suffering, just like him. He cited this as one of the indications of Christ's second coming.

4. The spread of the Christian message

God is a highly just God, and judgment will be meted out in accordance with how one has been made aware of the truth of God's word. Whom much has been given, as it says in the Bible. God must make sure that the gospel of Christ has been preached in every country before the judgment day so that no one can claim ignorance of him.

Matthew 24:24 states that the gospel will initially be delivered to those who have never heard it. God will begin to reveal himself to the unreached, and many of them will ultimately dedicate their lives to Christ. It will be an indication that Christ is ready to arrive when you observe the gospel of Christ spreading quickly, especially to the unreached. God will rise up men and women who will travel to distant countries and share the good news of Jesus. The Messiah will decide to make himself known only after the unreached have been reached, according to Jesus in Matthew 24:24.

5. Solar System Messages

This is one of the outward manifestations that people will see, and Christ himself verified it when he spoke to his followers about his second coming. Jesus made it very plain in the passage of Matthew 24:14 that the heavens will see his second coming before he comes.

According to what is written in the Bible, one of the things that will occur in the solar system is that the sun will appear to be dark. Jesus also predicted that many people will see the moon not even be able to produce its light at that time. People will become aware of these powerful indications, which will cause the entire planet to tremble.

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