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Interesting Reasons Why Muslims Bury's Someone Immediately After Their Death

Various groups across the world offer their last respect to their departed kins and friends in various ways .Some conduct such a crucial ceremony days after the occurrence of death while others ensure that it is done immediately .

One group which is well known for conducting burial rites to their dead friends and relatives within the shortest period possible are the Muslims . However, sometimes the rite may be delayed if a probe into the cause of death is necessary as well as when the body of the deceased is missing.

The Mosque,a symbol of unity and a place of worship for Muslims.

Immediate burial is usually done for a number of reasons which include ;

1.Conducting the event as soon as possible fastens healing among the living .It ensure speedy recovery of the living from the sadness caused.

2.It helps avert the cost of maintaining the body in good condition until when it is intered.

3.It is a requirement according to the Islamic law.Every religion has its own way of pertaking funerals so do Islam.Here guidelines on how to carry out the event and associate prayers are outlined.

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