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3 Catholic prayers for prosperity

You may feel as though you are afflicted by a financial plague at times. "The desire of money is the source of all evil," according to 1 Timothy 6:10. When you're in a financial bind, you must cling to God's word and ask for help. Here are some of the most powerful Catholic prayers for financial success.


God, you are righteous. I will faithfully heed Your voice, my God, and I will carefully observe all of Your commands that You issue today, so that I may be exalted over all nations of the globe. Because I have heeded Your instructions, Lord, I thank You in advance for the financial benefits that will descend upon me and overtake me. Father, please look into my heart and recognise my loyalty, and bless me as Your servant. Keep a watchful eye on everything in my life, especially my finances. Amen.


God, you are precious. I look to You since it is You who provides me the ability to acquire money, so that You may fulfil the vow You swore to my forefathers on this day. I thank You for being loyal to my forebears and for being loyal to me in order for me to prosper. I praise You since I am only able to get my financial gift due of Your grace and constancy. Amen!


One who is lovely, I admire You because You are magnificent and holy! A single day spent in Your presence is better than a thousand elsewhere! I'd rather be a gatekeeper at my God's house than live happily in the houses of the wicked. I hope that no matter how wealthy I get, I will always remember that there is no better prize (or wealth) than being in Your presence! You are both my sun and my protector. You bestow honour and splendour on me. I am certain that You will not withhold good things from people who do the right thing. Amen.

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