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Meet The World's Oldest Living Man, 201 years


A Tibetan monk has been discovered in the mountains of Nepal. He is considered the oldest person in the world at 201 years old.

He is in a state of deep trance or meditation called "takatet".

When he was first discovered in a mountain cave they thought he was a mummy.

However, scientists examining what they thought was a mummy discovered that he had vital signs and was alive!

According to some Buddhist, he’s still alive and is in a deep state of meditation. The body was found in the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, China. It is believed that the cold climate of the region has preserved the body which was found in good condition, wrapped by an animal skin.

According to research,

"One thing that meditation does for those who practise it a lot is that it cultivates attentional skills," Dr Josipovic says, adding that those harnessed skills can help lead to a more tranquil and happier way of being.

When one relaxes into a state of oneness, the neural networks in experienced practitioners change as they lower the psychological wall between themselves and their environments, Dr Josipovic says.

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