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"You're Selfish" Pope Francis Launches Scathing Attacks to Couples who Opts for Pets Over Children

The head of Catholic Pope Francis launched scathing attacks to couples who opt for pets instead of children.

Pope Francis referred to such couples as selfish human beings who takes away the humanity of the universe.

Pope Francis is not known to have a pet at his Vatican residence but his predecessor Benedict XVI was a cat lover. However, there have been instances when Francis was spotted petting dogs, he also allowed a baby lamb to be draped over his shoulders during Epiphany

Pope Francis dived into the topic of adoption where he lauded Joseph for agreeing to be the foster father to Jesus despite knowing that Mary's pregnancy was not his.

According to Pope, couples let animals or pets to take place of children in their homes. Many prefer to have one child and substitute the other number with animals whom they treat like children.

"We see that people do not want to have children, or just one and more. And many couples do not have children because they do nit want to, or they have just one but they have two dogs, two cats. Yes dogs and cats take the place of children," said the pope.

" Yes, its funny, i understand, but its reality. And this denial of fatherhood and motherhood diminishes us, it takes away our humanity. And in this civilization becomes aged and without humanity, because it loses the richness of fatherhood and motherhood. And our homeland suffers, as it does not have children," he added.

The pope further urged the society to support who do not have children of their own but yearn to have them.

"Saint Joseph, you who loved Jesus with fatherly love, be close to the many children who have no family and who long for a daddy and mommy. Support the couples who are unable to have children, help them to discover, through this suffering, a greater plan," he said.

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