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Prayers for Financial Breakthrough

Many people get money but can't pay their bills on time, they exhaust the money before doing something meaningful. This may be brought about by the devil trying to block your destiny to success. It is good to consider prayers because when we talk to the creator, He listens and he will be willing to answer our prayers.

Many people don't know how to pray. Make your prayers sacred and private as you talk to your God. These are the prayers to recite and God will answer;

"Lord, you are generous and merciful, you didn't create me to suffer. May you be my Umbrella that shelter me against poverty. May all the chains of poverty sorrounding my life breakdown and may your blessings rain on me. In the Mighty name I pray and believe. Amen"

Prayers must be short and clear and should contain a reason for talking to your God. God will answer you. God answers all prayers but it just need your patience.

"God you created me in your own image and likeness, I know I am not worthy to enter and stay in your roof but just say a word and my soul will be freed from all sorts of problems. May your glory shine upon our lives and may you shower us with blessings, peace and love. Amen"

You are made for signs and wonders. Isaiah 8:18. God is saying, Your greatest weakness is my greatest strength. Therefore, if you know what you carry as a child of God, life will stop intimidating you. Receive grace today to think impossible, do impossible and live with testimonies. Amen

No one can stop the blessings that God has lined up for you.

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