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Life Is a Gift from God. Do Not Take It for Granted.

Life Is a Gift from God. Do Not Take It Granted.

Do you think life is a gift or do you take your life granted? Even if think in theory that life is a gift, there are times when we get so busy and task-oriented that we almost forget that life is a gift from God. A very precious gift from God. When we don’t appreciate breathing, we take life granted. And that leads us into life that is not all it is meant to be.

The only way to fulfilling life is through thanksgiving and praise. When we recognise life as a gift from God, we start appreciating every breath we take. And when we do that, we are fully living. Our life is not then any more glamorous or easier than before but life becomes full of meaning and purpose. And that is another gift from God. Suddenly we start recognising heavenly gifts around us. Life becomes more and more precious. And we love it more as we continue to grow in God’s love and grace.

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